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  • Is there a way to bait a company to have them be the first to throw numbers?

    I was told that a company I just interviewed for is planning to extend me an offer (internal friend info). He said I should be prepared to state my quote and full-compensation terms (this is not a contractor job). Is there a way for me to get them to make an offer first, or is there/are there any circumstance(s) where an employer would suggest a salary? Has a company ever even done that?

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    Why would you want them to?

    You want to control the negotiation as much as possible. In fact, it always works to your advantage if you say the number first.

    My rule of thumb is to be honest and resonable. What are you really worth? Ask your friends, ask people like me :) Or people online. Truly look into the mirror and ask yourself."Am I average?" "Am I above average?"

    If this is your only opportunity and you really want to work there, then you might want to be more conservative, however, I advise against this.

    Pick a number. A firm strong number and don't waiver from it. I was taught this from my father-in-law and it's never failed me. Some people will high ball and say a rediculously high number, hoping that you will meet somewhere in the middle. That's bad. Take a fair number, and don't waiver.

    If they say "Wow, that's higher than expected" you can confidently. "That is what I am worth"

    If they don't say anything, or they say "Sounds good", chances are they were willing to pay even more. You will know for next time.

    Let me know how it goes!