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Awakened Facilitator and Writer

My name is Kerri Lake, Mastering the expression of love and fruition through the harmony of natural, etheric and human worlds.

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  • In what ways can writers merge human and etheric principals in their work?

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    Hi Emma!

    Well, what if human and etheric principles were not beginning as separate? Rather than merging them, how do you see their "emergence"?

    Explore within your whole sensory realm how it feels as that marriage unfolds. Use the tool of imagination to bring it forth: "Show me how it feels that the higher realms and lower realms have come together. What images arise? What concepts? How does one address conflict from an integrated state of being?"

    Even asking these questions leads the asker on their own unique journey. Please be willing to take that journey for your Self, not just for your writing!

    When your writing is generated from an integrated state of awareness, there is exponential and multi-dimensional communication that comes through even the simplest dialogue. When the writer can feel their own integration, it is that sense of knowing that guides the writing.

    With love,Kerri