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My name is Ketan Shukla, Software Developer and Entrepreneur

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  • If you want to become a dazzling MEAN stack developer, where should you start?

    I am a beginner developer who has been researching various stacks. Based on advice of my friends and the web, I realized that MEAN expert would be something I would want to work for. I understand that there are other stacks, but felt this aligned most closely with my goals.

    I have no prior programming knowledge. Where do I start? Should I first learn Javascript or delve head first into MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node?

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    You must ... MUST know HTML, CSS and Javascript before you go any further as these are the absolute essentials of web development today.Get a $29/month subscription at because in my opinion, they have some of the best training. There is also a lot of free training on YouTube, but you have to find it and that takes a while, I'd just pay for 1 month, learn all the basic courses of the MEAN stack components and then watch the courses where they use all 4 to build a full end-to-end application. You can also check out