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Founder of Pivotal Points

My name is Kevin Briggs, former Golden Gate Bridge CHP Officer. Speaker focusing on Crisis Management, Suicide Prevention, and Leadership Skills.

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  • What was it like to reunite and see Kevin Berthia again?

    Also, I want to say thank so much for your compassion and for what you've done. I stumbled upon story about Kevin Berthia and was really touched by it.

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    Thank you for your kind comment. Meeting Kevin Berthia again was a fantastic experience. I had a hand written note from his mother, which I received shortly after his incident. She was very thankful and told me more about Kevin. It had been some years, but I contacted her and she led me to Kevin. Both are such great people. It has been a blessing to be a part of their lives. Kevin says I saved his life. I look at it slightly different; I was there for him on a very dark day in his life. He saved himself by coming back over that rail. It takes so much courage to do that, facing all your troubles again.