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Chief of Product/Design at UXCam

My name is Kijan Maharjan, I have been doing Product Management, Design, Front-end Development for 8 years. Currently leading the product at UXCam.

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  • How do you ascertain that a product is well-designed?

    What processes are involved in the designing of a product? How are you able to prioritize among the competing features to ensure maximum usage?

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    The well-designed product should be good in looking and the user experience. When you feel difficult to use the product or not sure what to do then there's some issue.

    The process in designing of product relies in assessing the problem, research and ideas mainly. Once you find what is the problem and then research more and more and generate some ideas to implement and address the problem by PROTOTYPING and designing hi-fidelity wireframes to user interface design to final design.

    1. Assess the problem2. Research3. Ideas4. Prototyping (UX Designer's job)5. Hi fidelity wireframes (UX Designer's job)6. User interface design7. Iterate and discuss the design if that address the problem8. Final Design9. Implement10. Testing11. Launch