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Helping people figure out their careers.

My name is Kristi Enigl, I also translate HR Speak for companies!

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  • Is a career coach similar to a guidance counselor for grown-ups?

    When coaching someone from one career to another, what are some of the common barriers clients face?

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    Sort of. As a Career Coach, I deal with clients' working life, and since most adults spend more time working than any other activity, I do provide a lot of "guidance" and act as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts they may have, not only career oriented ones

    A career transition is fraught with barriers, and the most common one is the lack of experience in the "new" career they've chosen. There are several ways to overcome this:1. The Candidate focuses on "transferable skill sets2. The Candidate goes back to school, takes courses, or other adult learning paths3. The Candidate gets a champion/mentor and/or a support (think referral) into the new career path4. The candidate plans well in advance of the career change and begins to network and build relationships with key people in their desired new field.

    Hope this helps!