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Writer, Online Video Producer

My name is Kristin Wong, I write and produce online videos for freelance clients. My favorite topics to write about are money, travel, and career

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  • How can I get better at writing?

    I don't know what else I could do besides practicing. What's the best way to improve my writing quickly?

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    In college, our creative writing professor told us to write detailed. Good writing is often specific and detailed, he said, and I think it's true for creative writing, journalistic writing, comedy, etc. "I woke up and poured a cup of coffee" is fine, but "It was 6:15, I went downstairs and got the French press ready," tells you so much more. Of course, this is just a quick tip and you can definitely overdo it, but it's one of my favorite writing "tricks."

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    Thanks for the clear example Kristin. Agreed that it makes it much more interesting.