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My name is Kristyna Zapletalova, I'm an entrepreneur, blogger, and coach. I write about technology, mindful entrepreneurship & social impact.

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  • How can someone succeed in becoming an effective digital nomad?

    More and more professionals prefer a location-independent lifestyle, but how can someone make the transition from an hourly job at a brick and mortar location to digital nomad?

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    Hi David,

    I don't think there are any objective criteria to assess if you succeeded in becoming "an effective digital nomad". It's your choice. It's a lifestyle. And it's definitely not for everyone.

    If you wish to be location independent and you manage to achieve that while sustaining yourself financially, staying productive, and giving back to the communities you visit, then you can call yourself a digital nomad, I guess:)

    And how to begin...simply start traveling. Experiment with ways how to run your business virtually. Or possibly, find new ways how to earn money or build something meaningful. If these first short trips leave you energized and motivated, things will evolve organically.

    There's always a way. It's about setting your priorities right.