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CEO/Founder @ Wiselike

My name is Kyu, and I'm the CEO/founder of this website! Ask me anything regarding Wiselike, startups, UCLA, and anything else.

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  • I am new here and hello! I am curious what gave you this idea?

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    Hi Margie!

    Sorry for the late answer.

    The whole backstory is pretty long, so I'll spare you the finer details, but essentially, Wiselike was started because I truly believe that there is something magical in the ability to ask other people questions. Asking questions is the way you satisfy curiosity and it's also the way you build relationships.

    As the world has embraced the 'internet era,' many argue that genuine relationships and conversations have gone extinct. While I won't deny that, I refuse to believe that's the direction we have to continue to take.

    Our mission is about letting our users learn from and build relationships with anyone they want because everyone has something to offer.