How do I come to Wiselike's homepage when I'm logged in?

Or: how do I find which other people are on Wiselike? Typing the root domain just redirects me to my own page.

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Hi Fredrik,

Unfortunately, the only way to go to Wiselike's homepage is to log out of your account. I understand this may be a nuisance and we hope to come up with a solution soon!

We also plan to allow discovery on Wiselike in the near future. But for now, our focus is on getting our users to share their Wiselike pages with their friends, colleagues, and followers via their social media accounts.

Hope that helps and feel free to reach out for any other questions!

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Came here to ask the very same question.

You really do need to add some discovery methods to Wiselike.

Sure I understand you want people to share their pages through their own networks however if people are already in my network they can ask me anything just by reaching out to me through whichever way/s they're already connected.

The engaging part of Wiselike, at least for me, would be the ability to discover cool people to ask questions of.

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Hi Tanya-Jayne,

I think you are absolutely right. We will eventually (hopefully soon) have the ability to discover really cool people! Thanks for the feedback! That is awesome you have also found several businesses. :)