What are some designs you're most proud of?

Hi Larry! Thanks for doing this AMA, as an architect, which of your works are you most proud of?

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The next project. I tend to move on quickly. I have allot of ideas and generally am more excited about what's next instead of what I've already done.

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Any hints on the type of building you're working on? ;)

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We have a museum in Utah and a transit station in Seattle in construction. A couple of mixed use high rises, a single family home in Chicago, a couple of affordable housing projects, theatre in China. We will do a dog house if you let us do it well.

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What do you do during the construction phase? I, naively, think once an architect is done designing the blueprints and puts together the project, their team just "goes" and builds it.

But what actually happens now that the construction has started? Is it mainly inspecting or do you realize things need to change during construction?

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Design really starts when construction begins. In order to realize a great building you need a great architect, client and contractor. Without all three it is difficult to make a truly good building. Field conditions often necessitate change. However, in some circumstances we establish a budget early and I treat the construction kind of like a drawing at full-scale.