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  • What are the usual benefits I should look out for in a full time employment offer?

    Besides the healthcare coverage and vacation days what else is there?

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    Different companies offer all sorts of benefits from in-house daycare, to free food or vending machines, to discounts on health club memberships to vouchers for public transportation to work-at-home options, etc. etc.

    Most companies are pretty transparent about what they offer as benefits and often spell them out on their Human Resources' pages. I would suggest choosing 4 or 5 positions you would have interest in and visiting each of their company's websites where you can compare and contrast what is offered, what is not, what is the same, what is different.

    Do realize that these are benefits - "extras" - and I would suggest not making these the primary variables for making a job decision. Yes, I think it's important to think about how benefits can optimize work/life balance. Just don't forget the importance of how the nature of the job itself will contribute to overall career fulfillment.

  • Would recommend someone with no parents and no job to attend a major university?

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  • What sort of challenges are you working out as a career counsellor?

    With so much information on the internet. What do you do to stand out and capture your audience? How have you been able to help out clients? Thank you Lauri, hope you're doing well.

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  • Do you encourage every student to go to college?

    I remember my high school counsellor telling me that not going to college would be a foolish mistake. What do you say to students who don't want to go to college?

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    Here is a great segment from WBEZ's Morning Shift program on Gap Years. Is it right for you or your child?