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  • How can one create a positive counseling relationship and climate for open communication?

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    Hi Paula,

    Lovely to hear from you!

    Well, I'm not a counsellor however I feel I can answer this question because of my experience of being counselled over the years. The counsellors I bets connected with shared these characteristics and are what I found most useful:

    -The counsellors were non-judgmental; -Their questions were generally leading, opening questions -They kept the boundaries very clear and we never really spoke about their personal lives,-There was always a tissue box, for when required!!-There didn't ever seem to be any expectation of how long we would work together-it was a session at a time.

    With any type of professional setting that requires someone opening up, creating a 'safe' energy in the room is incredible important. The world 'outside' can seem unsafe and if there is one place someone can come and feel safe about opening up then that will do more to help someone progress in their personal development journey.

    Hope that helps!