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  • Do you find that storytelling and music coincide for inspiration?

    Do you ever write a story and think about turning it into a song? What skills are common to being both a storyteller and a musician?

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    While I'd love to have the skill of a songwriter, I just play piano and (occasionally) sing. That said, I find it impossible to write without music playing. Even the shortest tweet must have a soundtrack, or it's just me staring at a blank page.

    I think the biggest commonality between music and storytelling is the art of connection. Being able to see connections and create an arc from one to the other in a way that makes sense (and when possible, inspires) is essential.

    Second only to that is the ability to find the hook in your story. For brand storytelling this can be a challenge! But your story won't have legs or pull anyone in if you can't discover the heart of the story in a way that makes sense.

    If you are in marketing, you also need the skill of writing memorable lyrics. This translates into writing copy or storyboards that stay with the people you want to reach, and travel beyond them.