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My name is Lindsey Hanna, Software engineer by day, baking and running fanatic by night.

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  • What baked good best represents your approach to engineering?

    As an avid baker - is there a particular good that represents your approach to engineering in regards to creation and final result?

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    This might be my most favorite question ever. I actually think baking and engineering have a lot of overlap; both require a willingness to do research to find the best recipe/method, the ability to try them out and iterate or scrap the whole thing if it didn't work quite correctly, and an attention to detail.

    The one that comes to mind for me is my attempts at a lemon bundt cake which I talked about on my blog ( It took three attempts before I ended up with the cake I'd imagined in my head. It can be difficult to bake things not knowing if they will turn out because it feels like a waste of time an ingredients, but experimenting is the only way you'll get where you want to be. The same applies to software. Maybe you are not wasting anything tangible, but throwing away a bunch of time and code can feel exhausting and like everything you did was pointless.

    And as with everything, an attention to detail is paramount. Particularly with more finicky recipes like cheesecake, a small mistake can ruin the entire outcome, a lot like production bug that should've had a preemptive test to catch it.