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  • What great tools are there to learning CS other than books, tutorials? Anything visual?

    The CS is creating a lot of efficient tools for education in lots of fields: physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Nice graphics, simulations, games, etc.

    How about learning programming, how computers work, how different parts of a language, C++ for example, interacts with other parts of the same languages or comparisons among different languages in a visual manner? The only visuals I know are the graphs and the chained lists.

    Melissa's avatar image. has some great resources and courses available from various universities. I believe most of them are free and if you'd like to get a certificate it comes at a cost.

    Check out CS courses:

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    You should probably include Coursera as well. They have over 200 hundred CS courses split into four different categories: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Systems & Security and Theory. You can find all of them by following this link:,cs-programming,cs-systems,cs-theory

    There's also Udacity, but the courses there are mostly built by companies instead of universities. There's also university-specific platforms like MIT OpenCourseWare and Stanford Online (Lagunita).

    The universities are now publishing the courses at the warp speed. I'm not sure will they fit to the OP's needs, but they're worth of pointing out for sure.