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International best-selling author.

My name is Lisa See, I write historical novels about China and the Chinese-American experience.

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  • How do you know your work is good enough for publishers to be interested?

    And once you're published how do you know if you get royalties or not? Thank you for your time Lisa

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    Hmmm... I'm not sure. One thing you can do is have other people, who you really trust, read it. They can't be people who would just say they love it because they love you. They have to be truly honest. And, of course, in a perfect world, you'd have an agent who'd tell you that the manuscript is ready to show to publishers.

    As for royalties, your publisher is required to send a royalty statement two times a year. That doesn't mean that you've earned royalties. It just tells you where you are in the process of earning them out.