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I make things for companies big and small

My name is Lu Frankland, I build interesting projects involving technology and business. Former elected youth rep in the AER

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  • What kinds of companies tend to catch your eye when you choose projects to work on?

    When creating something for a company, what do you require from them for a successful end result?

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    Small/medium companies with fun people are my usual. Sometimes projects can go on for say 6 months so I ask myself "Could I work with this person for 6-12 months?" because ultimately if I or others cannot, the working relationship is not off to a great start.

    I then look at what they want to do. Is it something they understand or will it require us to explain how certain technologies will fit. Sometimes the biggest battle is the understanding of the end result on a prospective job as you do not know how the end result will be on day 1 as it adapts to the client but then it needs to be in line with their expectations to avoid friction.

    Companies that don't complain if I turn up with a silly hat on. Now I don't (usually) wear silly hats, if I were to, would that be a problem? Now I'm not talking how much they enforce dress codes but rather, how important is what we do versus how we appear? Substance vs Looks if you will.

    If they adhere to most of those, its the start of a good project. Everything else from there is about communication and making sure you manage their expectations and keeping them up-to-date.