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  • How has NLP or neuro-linguistic programming worked for you and your clients?

    Is NLP similar to cognitive behavioral therapy? How would you use this technique in an average session, and how do you know when positive results are real and not from the placebo effect?

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    Wow-what touch questions....NLP alone can help with specific shifts we want to make....I was able to shed kilos, to get over the fear of needles and blood through NLP intervention.....nowadays, I don't use it exclusively.....I rely on my intuition to pick up the approach or coaching style that I an most inspired to follow for a particular client/situation. What is real even if a placebo effect and it helps to create new awareness, interrupt habitual patterns and leads to behaviours that are more conducive to creating the relationships and results we want? I do not practice CBT though I have heard how helpful it can be for many.