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  • How is digital marketing more advantageous than other forms of marketing?

    How do you ensure you reach your target market when doing a digital campaign? How does this process differ from that of a traditional campaign (such as one for print media)?

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    First of all, the campaign success depends on your target demographic.

    For traditional media...Does your market watch TV? Do they read the newspaper? Do they drive on the freeway where they will see billboards?

    For digital media...Does your market own a cellphone? Do they use Facebook? Do they use Google? Do they have an active email address?

    There are times where traditional media campaigns work (did you see how much companies spent on Super Bowl TV commercials?!?), but I feel like you get more bang for your buck with digital campaigns. Plus, it's often much easier to track ROI on a digital campaign.

    Digital campaign example...I can have a hyper-targeted Facebook ad running within the next hour that targets home-owning married moms with young kids that have pets that live in a particular city. I can direct traffic from that ad to a specific landing page with tracking parameters so I know my impressions, my click-through rate, my cost-per-engagement, and ultimately my ROI if the landing page converts.

    Can you do that with a billboard or radio ad? Not really. It takes days, if not weeks or months, to get a campaign running. And then it's blasting out to the entire audience, not targeted to just your desired audience. And good luck measuring the ROI as well as a digital campaign.