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The Amazing Life Writer

My name is Margie Mack, I am an author and writer that tells stories to help heal the soul and make you smile.

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  • Life writer? What exactly is that? Never heard of that title before. What sorts of books do you write?

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    What had happened was I took events that happened to me as a child and growing up and turned them into stories that I shared with my four sons as they grew up. They got married and had kids and I would tell them the same stories. So, my eldest son encouraged me to take all my stories and turn them into my first books "Through The Woods." It was ten stories about life at the end of a dirt road in a little pink house with my grandma Cleo and grandpa Bill. The stories are about the magical things that happened to me as a child. Our house was near the Fox River and I would walk across the gravel road, past my Aunt's home right into the warm water filled with minnows, blood suckers and a mythical mermaid. We also had a neighbor who fell in a well and chocolate was the only way to get her one of my coworkers bought my books and red the stories to her five-year-old daughter. One day she brought her daughter to work and when she was introduced to me she whispered to her mother "you mean she is the amazing life writer?" We all heard that and it stuck and I was proud to use the words of a child to guide me. I continued on my path with book two called "My Ship Has Sails" which picks up where the first book left off...a new life as I leave the small home of my grandparents to the apartment in Chicago with a mother and step-father who are entertainers in the city. I get to meet some of the greatest jazz performers and even watch The Beatles perform in Chicago in 1965 with a seat back stage as my step-father was the booking agent for Jackie DeShannon. The stories go on and on as I am now completing the third book "Leaving Camelot” and then the final book will be "Miles to Go." Yes, it has been an amazing life and I am that amazing life writer.

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    These sound like some incredible stories. What a great idea! Would you like some free publicity on my blog for your books?

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    Pam I would be honored! I would love to send you a copy of each of my books! My stories are based on my faith and belief that all along there was a higher power guiding me through my life regardless of how difficult it was for me. You can private message me your address to my email at:! Thank you <3