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I'm a writer and published author of Crack in the World

My name is Maribeth Shanley, Soon to be published A View to the Unknown. Also huge animal activist who writes for several groups.

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  • Does a book cover dictate the reception of a book in the market?

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    Hmm...I'm not sure what you mean. Does the book cover matter? Yes, I think it does.

    I didn't create the cover for my first book, Crack in the World. A woman who worked for my publisher created the cover. I liked it and we went with it. It's very plain, but the rip that appears on the cover looks like a crack.

    I did create the cover for my second book, A View to the Unknown. I'm very interested in astronomy. I love everything about the universe. Since I do incorporate reincarnation into A View, I used the Eagle Nebula (where stars are born) for the theme of my cover. The Eagle Nebula is also called The Cradle of Creation. That nebula is on the front cover. There's another nebula on the back cover. I don't know if it dictates the reception, but it looks mysterious.

    The whole objective with publishing is getting people to read your works. Joining this site will do more for how my books are received than the cover. I hope my answering questions on this site encourages people like you to read my books. They're really wonderful books. You can read reviews for Crack in the World at There are no reviews yet for A View because it only hit the market last month, but, I'm actually reading it now and I love it.

    I also have several short stories on my website, I hope you'll check them out. You can also read the first chapter of both books on my site. If you do read anything I've written, I hope you let me know what you think on my site under the banner Contact Me.

    If you have more questions, write me there as well or here too. I love answering questions for interested people. I would also be thrilled if I help to inspire a new writer.