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Survivor of multiple life assaulting challenges.

My name is Marie Hooke, I am focused on helping survivors of emotionally destructive relationships survive, recover and thrive.

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  • Most interesting thing you’ve learned this past year in your career?

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    I'm not going to say there was anything interesting that I've learned this year in my career. Things that I find interesting are usually intriguing, fun or inspirational. In my field there isn't much that's interesting because mostly it is disturbing, frustrating and challenging. So how about - discovered?

    This year I have discovered that people are more resilient then they think. Despite how many struggles, assaults and pain they endure - somewhere there is a will to live that is very difficult to extinguish. Survival is a very strong core attribute we all have -- probably the strongest one. I believe everything we do is in one way or another related to our will to live and survive and when threatened will go to extremes to protect that coat of armor. There are many things we do, unknowingly, to strengthen that will to live and is what keeps us going forward.

    I have also discovered there are more people in this world who are self-centered and destructive/hurtful to others than I have believed in the past. I was of the opinion that everyone has the good spirit in us, even when we are hurtful to others, but I have discovered there are less and less of those good spirited people. Sadly.

    But this relates to the will to live and survive. I am discovering many people who are destructive, cruel, hurtful and self-centered may also feel threatened and this is their mechanism to strengthen their survival skills....armor up their will to or be eaten. A sign of the times?

    As for myself - I have discovered that I am more compassionate, committed/dedicated and determined to reach out to as many victims that are struggling to recover from relationships with one of those who aimed to hurt and destroy them...threatened their will to live and survive, and bring them back to a place of safety, strength and life.

    Peace, Marie