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My name is Mario Garcia, BYU, CS, Software Engineer

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  • Should I take a job offer or finish last class for Computer Science?

    I have a signed offer for a full-time job, but am close to completing my CS major. Currently, I am a non-CS major, but I only need a single class to graduate with a major in Computer Science. The class that I need could be done during the summer, but I’d prefer not to do it that way.

    This past semester, I took some difficult classes which resulted in my GPA dropping from 3.1 to 3.0. I’d like your input on deciding between taking the class and not inquiring about whether the firm would still consider me if I don’t get the CS major or asking the firm and making a decision afterwards. All other views would be appreciated as well. Thanks to the awesome people here :)

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    I agree with Avi. Also, think about this: You wouldn't go climb Mt. Everest and stop 20 ft from the top would you? Put that degree under your belt. One day you may discover that you want to do more schooling (Masters, PhD, MBA, etc), and the curriculum that you are in at your school might change and that class will turn into two or three others before you can get your degree then.

    Finish now and you will be happy.