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  • What are my obligations to a company that I was fired from?

    I worked in web development for a small company for about four months when I noticed that there were some discrepancies with how my hourly time was being calculated. Nothing had been said to me and I did not feel that it was appropriate. When I asked my boss about the issues, she fired me because she didn’t want to talk about it. I am wondering what my obligations are to the company?

    My boss wants me to set up a meeting in order to go over an exit interview email that she wanted me to write, in addition to showing her where my code is located and reviewing the status of the project that I had been working on. I’m really not too excited about bothering with her after I was let go for something I found unethical, but I guess I should be the bigger person and do it. It just feels like since I was fired and told to leave my things and not return, that I should no longer be obligated to do things on her schedule. I’m certainly not obligated to do any further work to finish code the I was working on.

    Does anyone have any advice that for those that have been let go while they were in the middle of a project? I have never been fired before and would appreciate insight as to how this is supposed to be handled.

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    If you've already been fired, your (formal) relationship with this company has ended. Anything you do going forward is out of the goodness of your own heart.

    It sounds like they are dysfunctional. And now they are trying to take advantage of your goodwill by having you clean up the mess that they made.

    I say don't enable this behavior. Leave things as they are, and move on. You owe them nothing, especially after how they treated you.