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Libertarian Candidate for US House District 1 Arkansas

My name is Mark West, Libertarian, Christian, Pastor, Office Manager seeking to make America better for the average citizen.

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  • What are some means you could implement to help border security differentiate between regular immigrants and immigrants with criminal intent?

    You believe troops could secure America's borders using tactics that help them deter criminal immigrants. What are the top three things our military could do to help prevent criminal immigrants from crossing the border illegally or to identify those coming over illegally to cause harm to America and its people?

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    Thanks for the question on an issue that cuts across both economic and national security interests.

    Our military has the ability to track and monitor insurgents around the world. I believe that the manpower our troops can bring to our borders, along with the surveillance technology and the human intel they will be able to get will be essential to securing our borders.

    We are suffering as many issues from immigrants entering our nation legally as we are from those who are entering illegally. The H-1B Visa program is legal and is hurting American jobs. The insurgents in San Bernardino also entered the country legally.

    I do oppose building a wall because I believe it is an expensive and unnecessary action that doesn't solve the problem of illegal immigration. Half of illegal immigrants in our nation today entered the country legally.

    Therefore our approach has to be as much about presence on our physical borders as it as about our technological borders.