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My name is Martin, Senior Software Engineer and aspiring Project Manager.

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  • Why do recruiters look at a person's facebook? Should it ever be a reason for not getting a job?

    I have a problem with how recruiters use facebook today. I was interviewing with a company for a software engineer role and I believe I did an excellent job in articulating my answers to the recruiter when asked questions about my work experience.

    I got a call the next day to schedule an interview with the hiring manager. I was obviously excited for this chance until I received a call the next day that the team has decided to go another direction and told me they have moved on with other candidates.

    I was confused, so I contacted the recruiter to ask the reason for not moving forward and she told me that there was some explicit information on my facebook that the hiring manager saw that she was not happy with.

    I looked through some of my facebook photos and I guess there were some photos of me drinking with my friends at a bar, but I don't necessarily believe my own personal facebook should ever be a reason why I don't get a job. It should be based on my work experience. That's why I have a LinkedIn that shows my professional achievements...

    I'm planning to change my privacy settings on Facebook, but I seriously think it's ridiculous that I lost a job over some pictures that they saw of me online and not based on my skills.

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    It's one of those things these days, by letting your Facebook photos be viewed by the world they can use them to judge your cultural fit.