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  • How does Launching4Charity plan to get the support of organizations to invest in golf tournaments?

    Not all organizations would be interested in being a part of golf tournaments. In such cases, what marketing strategies can be used to ensure organizations are interested in such tournaments, letting them know they will receive benefits from such associations?

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    You are correct not all organizations are interested and it is not a good fit for everyone either. The key question is whether the demographics represented in a golf tournament generally are a good fit for them and their marketing / business development strategy. Without a synergy between the golfer / participant and the business organization it does not make sense to address them. For example, you will very often see a car dealership like Mercedes, BMW, Audi providing the prize for the hole in one competition. Why? Because the golfers are the demographics they address. For high end market tournaments you may see wealth management firms as a primary sponsor because those are potential clients on the course. Not to stereotype, but the participation in many tournaments is still dominated by male golfers. If you would try to recruit a business geared to females to be a main sponsor you would perhaps miss the mark no matter what your strategy looks like. It does not mean you should exclude it, but offer the "right participation" - for example to combine a hole sponsorship with some auction items the golfers could acquire and take home with them - always a good fit.

    It is part of your job as charity / tournament consultant to evaluate if the business organization you would like to include in your tournament would draw mutual benefits.