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Kid Chef & Chopped Junior Champion

My name is Mason Partak, I'm a kid cook exploring food and encouraging other kids and families to get cooking!

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  • Why do you think it’s important to teach other kids to cook?

    We are in an age of multitasking, a lot of work, many times too busy to cook, some parents don’t cook as much as they used to in the past and families in big cities tend to eat out more often. It is very interesting to bring this awareness of the importance of cooking. For you, what does it mean to teach other kids to cook? Why is it important?

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    Cooking is an important life skill, not just for nutrition but for budgeting and being able to provide for ones family. It gets expensive to eat out every day.

    I think if kids are learning from me, a kid, they will see they can do it, too. They can tell their moms and dads, "Look, Mason can do it, I think I can, too." If the moms and dads listen and say yes, their kid can feel empowered like I did and still do.

    Cooking teaches math in measuring, science in food and how heat affects food, teamwork to be able to work with other kids to plan a luncheon, and social skills, how good it feels to serve people the food you prepared for them.

    It's awesome for me when kids come up to me, or usually their parents to tell me that I inspired their kids to cook or try a recipe. That is really a good feeling to feel like I am making a difference in someone else's life.