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Independent comic-book creator and illustrator

My name is Matthew Chiong, I am a self-employed/freelance artist and am currently working on my debut title PACT.

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  • What is the best method of creating an actual comic novel?

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    Everyone has their preference. Some artists, typically older ones, like to go traditional pencil and paper. It used to be that they would actually type the lettering and paste it physically on the panels. Very old school. However, nowadays, there is always an aspect of technology involved in comics. It can still be drawn traditionally, but usually the colors and lettering are digital.

    Of course, you can be young and hip by doing everything digitally, including the lineart. So hip, in fact, you don't even have a physical copy of the original art. I would argue there is no best way of creating a comic novel. Everyone has their own specific way of doing things.