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My name is Megan Harris, I'm a social media enthusiast with experience in Digital Marketing, PR, and Event Planning.

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  • Considering your wealth of PR experience, does it in any way affect how you interact with social media?

    How does having the skills of a public relations as a career relate to those of an interactive producer?

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    Thanks for asking!

    I want to clarify that by no means do I have a "Wealth" of PR experience. I was thrown into the role at an entry level job and developed my skills through a series of trials and errors. I didn't start learning about PR until I went back to school, but even then, my knowledge and experience simply scratches the surface.

    PR by definition is the practice of managing the spread of information from an organization to the general public. In a lot of ways, social media streamlines the spread of information, therefore it needs to be managed delicately. You must have a clear understanding of the brand and then apply it to the communication pieces put out on social media.