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My name is Michael Lee, I build things with code and with my hands.

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  • What advice do you have for other stay-at-home dads who want to work from home?

    Working at home is difficult enough without little ones around to interrupt. What advice do you have for stay-at-home dads in tech who want to start telecommuting to work from home?

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    I'd say to enjoy the ability to work from home. One of the reasons I decided to telecommute was the fact that I was missing all of my kids' firsts. First steps, first words, first time eating solids. It was because of this my heart desired so much more to be with family, instead of a cubicle somewhere.

    Now the challenges aren't easy, but they are manageable. If your child comes into the room, welcome to interruption. Though the may be interruptions, remember one day they won't even want to come to you because they have their own independence.

    If your employer allows, work during times where you're able to get longer blocks of uninterrupted work. Which might mean beyond normal business hours.

    I think it comes down to learning that life and work aren't two separable buckets but it is the same. Allow for both to ebb and flow and enjoy time with the family.