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My name is Michael Musgrove, Designer/developer. Or developer/designer. I'm not sure.

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  • How do you manage expectations?

    I have a poor habit of over committing after enough pressure. I've at least finally learned how to negotiate extra compensation for working crazy hours when I get cornered like this, but days without sleep is not exactly pleasant.

    How do I explain to clients/bosses that estimates change each time they throw me a curve ball, and if they want that curve ball to get hit out of the park I need deadline extensions?

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    Put everything in writing, including what happens if there is a change order. Start using project management tools, and keep the stake holders up to date every bit along the way. Show them that by asking for more, it rearranges the project, and therefore the time schedule and/or cost at that point. Don't be afraid to say no. Don't let people take advantage of you and your good nature. Remind them they can have it cheap, fast or good, and to pick two.