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  • Is it true that there are unlimited job opportunities in Silicon Valley for software engineers?

    I've been living in New York and it feels like the same group of people are competing for the same thing. There are only so many media companies that all the software engineers here compete for. I've been job hunting for jobs in Silicon Valley and the list is endless! Startups are everywhere in Silicon Valley and people seem more open to talking with complete strangers (something new yorkers should learn) and meeting up in person to learn more about the company. I already got in contact with a recruiter here on CareerDean to meet in person this week and I'm debating if I should focus my efforts on applying to jobs in SV instead.

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    You can get a job easily anywhere, no matter the position. How much do you want to get paid? How much security do you want? How much opportunity to you want? The list goes on and on.

    Tech jobs here in SV are plentiful, and most won't last 12 months. You need to qualify who you are working for as well as they qualify you - and as you earn more experience (and value) you can be more demanding.

    Yes you can go straight from school to $150k and beyond, if you're not a god they will cut you in six months; and if you are they will probably burn you out within 24.

    My advice is to look for PEOPLE to work with, and not a company. I lived in the startup scene in NYC and know many many people there, and yes it is a community of people; whereas out here you can be anonymous for quite a while before anyone knows who you are. I miss the community feel of Silicon Alley, but definitely see the opportunity (and risk) of Silicon Valley.

    It is about far more than just pay - security, success, longevity, culture, environment.

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    I 100% agree with Mitch here. I get excited about my company because of the PEOPLE, not pay.