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CEO and founder of ProMedia, a full service marketing company.

My name is Mo Farber, Art Director, Designer and Social Media Strategist

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  • Does social media help local small business, if yes how?

    Does social media help local small business, if yes how?

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    It definitely helps. It's important to be out there, but depending in the type of business the response might be different. As a small business, your time and energy is very valuable and most business owners don't have the time to run their social media efficiently, and that's why we at 'ProMedia' offer this service to our clients and take care of researching your industry, designing content, posting and engaging with your followers and potential customers.

    Here Are Some Benefits that Social Media Could Provide:Written by David S. FinchGives you the opportunity to begin listening to what others are saying about your company online.Allow you to have one-to-one communication with your consumers.It can be used to gather feedback about new products.It personalizes your corporation/brandProvides channels to produce and distribute exclusive content that can be shared which in return extends the voice of your brand.Can be used to share exclusive information and offers to your loyalists.It’s an extension to your public relations strategiesProvides platforms to build communities for your brand enthusiasts around your product and company.Offers opportunities that will bring exposure to your company.Provides potential opportunities for word-of-mouth buzz about your company and products.

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    Thanks for your thorough answer. I can see the benefits of being social media as a small business but I do have one question. Will this service provide my business with a growth in business through increased sales?