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My name is Moira Callahan, I write for Evernight Publishing, check out my newest book - VIPER is available everywhere.

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  • As an aspiring writer, what should I know about the writing industry?

    Are there any dark truths that are well known within the writing world?

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    Take everything with a grain of salt. That being said there are likely hundreds of little pieces of advice I could give. I learn something new every day. But the key points to remember are:

    - You are not alone. No matter your genre(s) there is a massive community out there to lend a hand. Don't be afraid to inquire outside your chosen genre for advice.- If you don't know - ask, but do your research to the best of your ability so you at least know the questions to ask to get to where you need to be.- Never compare yourself to anyone else. We are all unique and we are all bringing something to the craft by our own personal experiences that shape what we create.- Realize everyone has a bad day now and again. We never know what someone is going through in their personal life that may be projected into their online life (remember that grain of salt).- Never, ever, EVER engage reviewers (good, bad, or otherwise). This is a nightmare waiting to happen in so many ways that have played out online on so many different venues.- Never stop trying to better yourself, your craft, and don't stop learning new things.

    I think those are the major points to note, and that's only the beginning. But I will offer one last point - research. This isn't just for your book, research everything including publishers if you are going that route, don't just take the word of those around you. Be proactive and do for yourself first.