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Bestselling author of The Order of the Sicari series and spicy historical romance

My name is Monica Burns, My awards include the 2015 Gold Medal Intn'l Readers Favorite Award and 2011 PRISM Best of Best for Assassin's Heart

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  • What was the shortest amount of time that you spent on a bestselling book?

    Appreciate your time

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    I tend to write longer books than most writers. Page counts run from 375 to 425. Those books take me three to four months of steady, daily writing. Sometimes my word count will be 500-1000 words. Other times I'll get as many as 3000. The mileage may vary as I get closer to a deadline.

    Since I'm no longer writing for a NY publisher, I find my deadlines more flexible, and I'm not sure that's a good thing, because the more books you put out quickly the higher you're visibility. I'm trying to write shorter these days, 250-275.

    I wish I could write fast like some writers who put out a book a month, but I know the quality of my works would suffer. I'm not sure how the quality of other works that are written that quick don't suffer, but a) I've not read those books and b) they could be short, short books. Although I've heard other writers brag about how they're full-length 100k word book. That boggles my mind, because I just can't do that and put out a quality book. Others might be able to do that, but I can't.

    Long story short. It's a long process for me. :)