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A Zen Comedy and Musical Improviser

My name is Nancy Howland Walker, Author of "Instant Songwriting," cohost of the "Zenprov" podcast, and improv teacher and performer for over 25 years.

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  • Can a person with no skills learn to write a song?

    You wrote the book "Instant Songwriting'. Can a beginner follow the advice in your book and start creating songs?

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    Hi Harold,

    Absolutely! It's great for beginners, because it starts from the assumption that the reader knows nothing with no skills. It then takes the reader step by step to creating full songs. It's actually great for you if you have no skills or if you are experienced. I don't really cover the musical composition part of creating the song, though, since usually improvisers have accompanists for that. I do have lots and lots of musical backing tracks that you can study.