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My name is Neville Kuyt, 20+ years developing software in agencies and consulting.

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  • How will Tech companies be affected by the recent 2015 global stock rout?

    Newbie student in computer science here, whats the market like for Tech companies during a global recession/stock rout like the one right now? Do startups start dying out? And how are Tech companies usually affected by global market crises? Also is there anything a student like me can do to increase my chances of job security and how much more competitive does it get during a negative economy?

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    The stock market is not the same as the economy. In fact, the stock market wobble (calling it a rout is a little premature...) is much more about financial trading than about the real economy.

    Your long-term employability depends on your ability to learn, and your ability to get things done. Focus on that; the tech industry isn't immune from this - large companies may decide to tighten their belts, making it harder to get on the ladder - but overall, demand for technologists outstrips supply (for the "get things done and learns quickly" crowd.)

    I was at a start-up during the dot com crash of 2000; we tightened our belts, and went to look for finance through different routes than we'd originally planned. It was not the stellar take-off we'd all hoped for, but we got through it (the company was recently sold to a major competitor).