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  • What are some of the skills that individuals who embrace inbound marketing should master?

    Is it common for marketers who are new to inbound marketing to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that require attention, including lead management, analytics, SEO, social media, content creation and lead generation?

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    Hi Sharon, yes, inbound marketing can certainly feel overwhelming, even for us folks who have been doing it for a while. There are so many different aspects to cover, and things are always changing.

    I would say that in order to try to stay in control, it is important to first learn the right inbound strategies, before you learn the tactics. Far too often I see people jump into landing page design, or SEO, or even social media marketing, and they haven't learned the basics of inbound marketing yet.

    The basics will teach you about the different steps in the customer journey, the importance of creating buyer personas, and how all the various tactics work together to transform visitors to customers.