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  • Will overlapping freelance work and a full time SE job on my resume negatively impact my image?

    My current job is very flexible in terms of doing projects on the side (I also work remotely) so I did some freelance work. I would like to move onto another job though. I was wondering if listing both my freelance work and full time job experience where it obviously overlaps would impact my image? I want to exemplify that I'm dedicated to the job so the last thing I would want is have my work ethic be misinterpreted. Will this raise red flags for recruiters and potential employers?

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    For me a cv is really just a snapshot of your career. I wouldn't try hide things on your CV. However, it is prudent to only show relevant items. If your freelance work adds value, which is probably does, then put it on and use it as a discussion point during the interview.

    If you start hiding things, it will catch up with you at some point. Rather be upfront and honest. After all, as much as employers are looking for the right candidate, you should also be looking for the right employer, and tailoring your CV to what you think an employer might want to see, won't help your career or personal development in the long run.