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I create worlds.

My name is Nijineko Prismaticpsion, I also help others create worlds. Ask me how!

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  • How would one engage your services?

    You've spoken a lot about how you've helped others, but you are also very big on the whole anonymity thing. How do people actually hear about you? How do they work on a project with you?

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    Thank you for asking.

    In the past, my clients have stumbled upon me solely by word of mouth. Thus, mostly people such as friends of friends, acquaintances,and referrals. However, let me clarify one point: anonymity. While my work on others projects is frequently, if not almost always, anonymous, and the fact that I worked on a given project with them may also fall under the cloak of anonymity; I am deliberately not as particular about my personal anonymity.

    As such, clients will share general information about me, for example, that I helped them out with some of their work (without mentioning which specifically, if my contribution was anonymous), and thus recommend me to others. Word will spread over time. Also, I have somewhat of a presence around the web, and though the first half of my online handle is becoming more commonly used, I still show up in search results; so I am not too hard to find for the determined person.

    As for the how, generally, once a person finds me, they simply ask. We discuss details, and then either reach an agreement of some kind, or decline to work together. The agreement is put into writing, and once the hardcopy is mutually finalized, it is signed, and work begins according to the agreement.

    Somewhat whimsical a methodology, perhaps, but going forward, I am considering establishing a centralized online presence of some kind, perhaps a website, forum, or a blog, providing a clear point of contact. Wiselike is a first step in that direction.

    Again, thank you for asking.