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  • Is there kind of efficient way to sell autopart as online?

    i want to launch an automation meet any kind of requirement about cars owner but the first of that is online autopart store

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    Thanks for asking question Reza.

    If I've understood correctly, you want to sell auto parts online. With automotive aftermarket, industry potential is >$400 billion in US alone. And the online industry for it is growing at almost 25% rate y/y.

    With such huge potential, this market is still lagging behind due to certain factors:

    1. Auto parts - OEM issue2. Labor is attached with auto-parts (especially parts with higher margin)3. Legal Issues4. Procurement and distribution

    To sell auto parts online will require addressing certain specific problems mentioned above. But the question still remains how we can do it?

    I'll give couple of ways:

    1. Selling of parts needs to be aligned with nearest auto dealer / mechanic / garage owner. For e.g. I want to order a new headlight for my Mazda 3, 2015. If I order it online, I'll have to pay for the product as well as shipping. After I've received my product, if I'm not capable of replacing the old lights, I'll have to drive it to the nearest mechanic and then change it which adds to my cost.

    To fix my problem (replacing a new headlight), I'm paying for the product, labor and transportation(shipping) costs. Instead if I go and buy from the nearest dealer, at least it'll save my time.

    So, the solution is to make sure your auto-part covers all the cost - buying a product to delivering the product and the making sure someone fix it as well. How do you do that?

    Provide club service - If you buy end-to-end package right from buying the part to replacing it, then it provides added value to the buyer.

    2. To provide information on the inventory of the nearest dealer and the total cost associated with it and include appointment times as well.

    We can go over this with many different approaches as many factors needs to be considered. As only those auto parts are ordered online, which doesn't need instant replacement. If this portal is for B2B, we've to think of different approach.

    But in a nutshell, you've to identify the gaps in the market and make sure you address those gaps.

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    Wow, thanks for your complete guides... to tell the truth i wanna create a team for the b2b scale but i don't have enough experience about that... as i know in my country in traditional business needs to be organised and use the updated technology in the world but unfortunately there aren't ... as i seen one of the best website about this part of business is ""according to my family business about car we have a company of light producing in my country and i wanna invest new way about meeting all of requirement about automobile... from buying and selling car, autoparts, insurance and a lot of thing...also there is a great website of selling and buying used and new cars( just advertising ,Ex craigslist) in our country but even does NOT cover all of the requirement of buying and selling the cars for example when i wanna buy a used car i prefer to know had been that car do periodic services on time.Regards

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    Great idea Reza. This business has a potential worldwide.

    If you're interested in exploring this opportunity further, I'll be more than happy to help or partner.

    I'm advising one of the startups in the same domain -

    However, I'm interested in partnering up with a new age entrepreneur who wants to be big in the market.

    If you've any further questions or would like to discuss, feel free to reach out on my email -

    Thanks for the wonderful conversation.