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Architect/Technologist/Photographer/ArchiCAD Consultant

My name is nuno do rosario, I'm an Architect & Photographer working in difficult African environments since 2002 with extensive ArchiCAD experience.

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  • What is a design process in architecture?

    What are the steps involved in the designing process? Do these steps determine the stability of the final product?

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    As I see it the design process in architecture begins with the study of the shape and ends with a complete detailed design that will make the building what it must be.

    There are a few steps that are critical:1. Study or object creation process - where the discussion "form follows function" or "function follows form" happens.2. Preliminary Design - where materials and solutions are chosen in general mostly as intentions(here there is a 2.1 step we use that is a lengthy discussion with the client and stakeholders on budget and solutions as we mostly are limited to a set financial package) 3. Advanced Design - where all discussions done on 2.1 are set "in stone" and a final budget analysis is done. A "preliminary design plus".4. Construction Documents - detailed set of information that will turn into a building one day.

    In Mozambique, where we are, this involves ALL parties required to do the project (Architect, Engineer, etc). As such it should end on a solid final product ready to be erected.

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    Good steps, Nuno. We pretty much follow these steps at Home Planning SW ( in our design process. Initially, however, we give immediate importance to the schematic design because it helps us define design a plan with a comprehensive scope, budget, and schedule before an architectural design project is submitted for approval. We always consult with the clients to determine their project goals and visions.