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  • I have the opportunity to contact a software company's CEO. What options do I have?

    While in line at a coffee shop, my wife struck up a conversation with the CEO of a local software company. She mentioned that I was attending college for computer science. The CEO told her who he was, who he was working for and told her to have me contact him. I should contact him ASAP, but I am not sure what method I should use. Advice?

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    If I could have a dollar for each time I've handed out my business card to prospective employees and have not been contacted, I would have enough money to buy starbucks for my entire office. The point, is that people rarely take these opportunities - personal fears, wrong fit, not ready, etc. There is no harm in contacting this CEO. Even if you're completely the wrong fit (you're really in IT and the CEO really wants a developer) there is absolute value in making the connection.

    You may find out that even if they are not the right fit for you or vice versa, that he may forward your resume to his network.