Can one take there prerequisites online and than apply to a nursing school at a community college or at a university?

Say someone finds a school that offers you to do your prerequisites online with a virtual labs and say you pass each one would a community college except that and allow you to apply for their nursing program ? Or do a lot of schools do t take online schooling seriously? And also if I wanna become a Hospice nurse are there certain courses or anything that I need to take to help me later on when I go to nursing school for becoming a hospice nurse?

Patricia M. Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN's avatar image.

Yes often prerequisites if they are taken at accredited universities are transferable and considered in the admission process. Check your university and state licensure requirements for prerequisite courses.

Have a look at Johns Hopkins

We offer Biostatistics• Human Growth and Development Through the Lifespan• Nutrition• Microbiology with virtual lab• Anatomy with virtual lab • Physiology with virtual lab