Canadian Nurses at Hopkins?

Hi Dr.Davidson. I am a prospective student enthralled by JHU nursing. My biggest concern and ultimately what would impede me from risking the financial investment, is: Lack of employment after graduation. Because: I am Canadian, not a US citizen - what are the chances of a work visa? No one with US citizenship or otherwise is guaranteed employment - but I'm hoping you can elucidate what happens to your foreign grads? What % get work visas?

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Thank for the great question. I am Australian an understand. Many of our foreign grads end up staying and working in the United States and from my recollection you can work in the United States for one year following your course. But please check with immigration. Position yourself for sponsorship is a great idea. Obviously being eligible to sit for the US NCLEX is a great global passport.

Have a look at our web page for international students