Do you have any suggestions on what I should write in a letter for observing heart surgery?

I'm a nursing student and recently got the opportunity to observe a heart surgery, but I need to write a letter as to why I would like to do so. I may be over thinking this, but I have no idea what to say. Any suggestions?

Patricia M. Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN's avatar image.

Thank you for this interesting question. As you can imagine these busy areas get many requests so that want to clearly understand your intentions. Something llike: "I am an enthusiastic nursing student with a long standing interest in cardiovascular physiology. I am highly motivated to be a nurse in the cardiac critical care unit and I think that my opportunity to observe cardiac surgery will assist me in understanding the patient experience and as a consequence prepare them for the experience. I also think that having the opportunity to view the surgical procedure will allow me to apply my theoretical knowledge to the clinical situation. Conveying your interest, motivation, passion and future plans is critical.