How important would you it is to have a liability insurance?

One of my friends highly recommended that I get covered in case something happens. I'm a recent grad from nursing school and I thought hospitals covered everything such as lawyer fees in the case something happens. Do you think it's important to have malpractice/liability insurance as a nurse?

Patricia M. Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN's avatar image.

This is an important question and depends on a number of individual factors such as the site you are working. Generally we are working under our employer's policy which of course means that you need to retain their counsel as they want to best represent their interests. In addition all malpractice insurance policies have a limit of liability. It is possible for individual nurses to carry their own liability insurance and this depends on the work setting and scope of practice.

Important questions to clarify with employers are their type and scope of insurance. Another item to consider are coverage for licence protection. If you are unsure or need clarity you should seek independent legal advice.

Another important fact to consider is to always work within your scope of nursing license and organizational policies. It is important to protect confidentiality violation.