Integrating RNs and MDs

Hello Dr. Davidson! I'm a nursing student at Columbia. My classmates and I are interested in building bridges early on with our peers in the medical school. We'd like to create something a little bit more substantive than just randomly bumping into them on campus every once in a while, but we're a bit at a loss about ways to go about this. Is there an effort at Johns Hopkins to integrate the different professional schools that focus on healthcare? Any ideas on how best to undertake this, both as an educator and as someone experienced in the field? Thanks!

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Hello - a great question- this is the future interprofessional education and practice. But it is easier said than done. Timetabling and regulatory issues are just some of the challenges. Here at Johns Hopkins we have interprofessional orientation sessions when nursing, physician and pharmacy students come together to learn about each other's professions. Wherever possible we strive to bring our students together in educational activities, such as simulation and special programs such as Daniels Scholars and SOURCE.

The Daniels Initiative is a joint project between the Schools of Nursing and Medicine, funded by the Worth and Jane Daniels’ family. The purpose is to teach students in nursing and medicine to work collaboratively together in caring for complex older adults.

SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center) is the community service and service-learning center for the Bloomberg School, the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University.

SOURCE provides academic, professional and personal development opportunities through community outreach and service-learning partnerships with community-based organizations.

We also serve as a channel for student, faculty and staff involvement with community organizations and local projects.

SOURCE has a particular, but not exclusive, focus on East Baltimore neighborhoods in close proximity to the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.

Hope this is useful.